Our Core Competencies

Our Core Competencies


Program Management

Our customers do not only value our methodical program management and project management skills, but even more so highlight our ability to understand, challenge, structure and support the dynamics of large programs at all levels.

«Acting, not reacting»

We act. We drive the program in an agile manner together with our clients, enabling the benefits of the new core banking system in a realistic and fast manner through the integration of all parties.

Core Banking Migration Services

Our employees have migrated and even implemented several new core banking systems. We go through all the pain points of a core banking migration and diligently take on the hard work to reduce the risks of

«Going to where it hurts!»

  • Prices and instrument sourcing
  • Account static data sourcing
  • Defining and executing migration strategies based on business risk appetite, business requirements and preferences, in depth analysis of integration options, instrument and account data
  • Implementing migration programs, establishing run-books and roll back procedures, testing and executing migrations
  • Post migration production support and stabilization

Operational Readiness Services

Only a prepared bank can earn the expected benefits from a digitalization. Our consultants are experienced enablers to get you operationally ready to continue the business in a seamless manner, while gaining all the benefits of digitalization. All lines of business need to be included front to back and address the following topics:

«Earn the benefits»

  • Target operating model
  • Operational agreements
  • Procedures, policies and controls
  • IT change
  • Quality assurance – user acceptance testing
  • Know-how transfer, training, resource access
  • Business Go-Live
  • Post-production support
  • Hand-over from delivery to the run-the-bank organization
  • Run the Bank resource planning

Regulatory Services

Our consultants were instrumental in supporting financial institutions in adapting to latest requirements, circulars and guidelines from local and cross-national regulators like the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Most recent projects were:

«Augmented compliance - take advantage of regulations»

  • MiFID2 adaption of trade support processes and trading system with respect to inducements (fees, commissions and non-monetary benefits) paid or received for an investment or ancillary service, ensuring no conflicts of interest.
  • ESMA Guidelines in Liquidity Stress Testing in UCITS and AIFs. 2@3A was mandated to analyse, design and manage the implementation of the brand new investor behaviour functionality. Redemption and investor data is gathered from internal and external sources (Transfer Agents and Fund Administrators) and prepared for investor aggregation liquidity stress testing providing a comparable fund resilience value.

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