ADDVANTAGE AG is a consulting company with a strong focus on the financial services industry. It is of utmost importance to them to offer their clients high-quality consulting services. They work together with their customers on the «time-to-market» topics to strengthen their customers.
Gainwise is a social investment platform built for the next generation of investors. They took investing, social media, and transparent investment advice to create one marketplace for investors of all experience levels. They provide a platform that combines smart investment knowledge, with a social investing environment, where you can house all your investments in one place.
Sixsentix is a leading provider of Software Testing Services, Visual Analytics and Reporting, helping enterprises to accelerate their Software Delivery. Their unique risk-based Testing and QACube ALM Reporting and Dashboards provide business with unprecedented quality and transparency across Software Delivery projects for a faster time-to-market.
Decentage AG helps you to understand define requirements, to analyze if blockchain is the right solution and to support the implementation of appropriate blockchain services. The Decentage Framework with proven components for Client Onboarding, KYC, Risk Calculation, Payments (FIAT, Crypto), Token- Issuance, - Transfer, - Exchange, Contract Management etc. allows accelerated process configuration, integration and delivery. Our productive Asset Tokenization -, Business Framework product suite and our experience are the keys to the efficient and cost-efficient implementation of your Business Case.